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Don't wake me up, I'm sleeping!
Asleep in the computer room (2003)
Better not be any cats around here!
Checking out the front porch
(June 25, 2003)
I'm watching Little Baby, don't mess with him!
In the Den with "Little Baby" (2002)
Professional photo a few months after arrival to the U.S. - 1997
The "I'm a Big 'Ole Teddy Bear" photo (1997)
Less than 24 hours after surgery, I'm watching everything in this ICU!
The day after surgery, recovering with "Little Baby."
A friend of mine brought an RC car over - Xaros loved chasing it!
Stalking the RC Car (1997)
When he caught it, he'd throw it in the air, then make sure it landed right side up so he could do it again!
Ready to Attack that car! (1997)
That smells neat... (2002)
Is this my good side?
Hamming it up - me and Xaros (2002)
Relaxing with Little Baby. Sleeping near a floor vent was a requirement in the summer for Xaros!
Relaxing with "Little Baby" (2003)
July 1 - just 6 days after surgery, doing great!
In the Den - 6 days after surgery
Helping the swelling...ever see a dog do that to his paws?
Heating Pad on his leg
(August 1, 2003)
Chasing the ball around the house.
Hey! Gimme that! (2003)
Master of his domain...the front yard.
Checking out the front yard
(August 2003)
I love to nap in the grass!
Great place for a nap, huh?
(August 2003)
Explorer SWAT Camp! What a blast!
Debbie, Randy, Kevin and Xaros at Explorer SWAT Camp. (1999)
  Neat scratchboard.
One of the S.O.'s Law Enforcement Explorers (Jeff Coker) made this scratchboard portrait of Xaros (2002)
A day to reflect.
Flags at half-mast with
the K-9 car in foreground
(August 26, 2003)


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