Monday, July 14

Bright and early, we drove to Dallas. His leg was still swollen, he favors it, but walked on it, jumped off the porch, and jumped in the car (see Friday, July 11 "Coming Home").

For chemotherapy, the patient is usually dropped off, then picked up later in the afternoon. I killed time (too far to drive back home), then went back at around 3:00.

The leg swelling was due to a tumor near his hip. It had bled and literally run down inside his leg. The significance of this is that it means the cancer has spread and he is no longer a candidate for chemotherapy. With this type of cancer, additional surgery would be a waste of time and put Xaros through too much pain and suffering.

An ultrasound showed his abdomen clear and chest X-Rays showed no tumor there, so he might be OK for a few months. Maybe 2-6 months.

Dr. O'Neal instructed me on how to care for his leg so that it can reabsorb the lost blood and Xaros and I went home.

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